5 ways you can fix run-on sentences in your essay and score an A – Guide 2022


What are run-on sentences?

Every sentence that lacks the proper structure of presenting the ideas or contains too much information and ideas without any break are termed as run-on sentences. Run-on sentences are the most common mistake that writers make when they write essay and get confused about structuring the information in essays. It is not necessary that every sentence that includes more than one idea or is a compound sentence is a run-on sentence.


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The use of punctuations is the best to avoid run-on sentences; punctuations break the single sentence by introducing gaps and pauses in one sentence. Without punctuation the readers will fail to differentiate the ideas or link the ideas in an effective way, that is why these sentences become run-ons and need to be fixed for clearance of ideas. When you merge two clauses without using helping aelements like punctuations, the sentence becomes complex and lacks clarity due to which readers cannot identify three essential parts of a correct sentence. Expert and skilled writers use the correct punctuations for better understanding.


Types of Run-on sentences


A common sentence has three parts; a subject that talks about the thing or person that is under discussion, an action that is in the form of a verb, and lastly, a complete explanation or thought. The use of correct punctuations and these three elements make a perfect independent clause. But if a sentence includes the essential elements but the ideas are not joined with correct punctuation, the sentence becomes a run-on sentence. So whenever if someone asks you to write an essay for me remember these tips. Run-on sentences are defined in three categories;

  1. Comma splice; using comma instead of semicolon for joining clauses
  2. Fused sentence; no use of punctuation between clauses, this is the most common mistake that a cheap essay writing service makes.
  3. Polysyndeton; using extra punctuations than required


These are the most common types, if you are able to identify the type and or misuse of punctuation then you can easily fix a run-on sentence.


Five effective ways of fixing run-on sentences

  1.     Break a compound run-on sentence into two separate independent sentences. Rewrite the sentences by adding some additional words to produce a grammatically correct sentence that can stand alone.
  2.     Use a semicolon between two ideas that are merged into one run-on sentence. The semicolon is punctuation that is used to connect the two related ideas.
  3.     The most commonly used punctuation to fix run-on sentences is a comma and also coordinating conjunction for joining clauses.
  4.     You can also use a group of punctuations to fix the sentence; comma, semicolon, and conjunctive adverb.
  5.     Present your ideas in a subordinate clause; a clause that depends on the main clause and fails to stand alone.


When two clauses are combined without the use of supporting features like punctuation, the sentence loses clarity and becomes complex, making it difficult for readers to recognize the three necessary components of a good sentence. For easier interpretation, professional writers from writing company utilize the appropriate punctuation.


A comma splice is the most common critical essay error that is observed in the work of students and then they mostly get help from online writing services like SharkPapers. You can easily fix this issue by replacing the wrongly placed comma with a full stop and start a new sentence. On the other, fused sentences are fixed by adding the appropriate punctuation which is usually a semicolon to separate two independent clauses within a single sentence. You can also use words like so, or, such as and yet to connect two clauses or simply just add a comma to fix a fused sentence. But the most recommended way is to break the compound or run-on sentence into two sentences.  


Most of the writers from reliable essay writing service avoid writing too many sentences and fix several ideas in a single sentence for which they have to add punctuations in an unacceptable number. This error is called Polysyndeton, which is fixed by eliminating punctuations by relocating the information in separate sentences.